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Unauthorized charges of $75.00 & $30.00 were deducted from my ckg acct.thru PayPal on 3/6/10.

After researching, I found it was for membership renewals. The only billing reference I received was a 2/28/10 email stating she would be "sending out" renewal statements that week which I NEVER received. I emailed her that I didn't wish to renew and requested a refund. No refund in sight as she stated on 4/7/10 that she had made nor have I received status info regarding the tracking of said refund that she stated on 4/8/10 and 5/3/10 she would make.

A demand letter was sent to her via cert. mail # 7099340000163010913 and via emails on 6/15/10 with no return response. My business name has been removed from the www.houstonwahms.org "director" even though she took my money for the 2010 membership. Other members have similar complaints.

Here's one: "My name is XXXXX. I was sent an email in December with an invoice saying that my membership was due for renewal. Before I could respond, the money was pulled from PayPal and caused three items to bounce at my bank. I have made numerous attempts to contact Holly to no avail.

She responded once that she was trying to refund through PayPal. I haven't heard from her since. I did have a txt msg from her that said she mailed my refund ck months ago. She accused me of threatening her when I suggested that I would need to take further actions if I didn't get a response from her.

I asked her to send me a copy of the ck that she mailed, if it had been cashed and where she mailed it to. She never responded. I know of one other person that money was deducted without her knowing but she is not requesting that back. I actually have a copy of an invoice form her that I was sent the first part of December.

The invoice was for $65.00 and she deducted $75.00.

However, in the invoice it clearly states to contact her as to what my payment preference would be and no where in it does it state that it will automatically be deducted if I don't respond by a certain time." I have since filed a complaint with the BBB and she has not responded to that as well.All I want is my $105.00 back.

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She passed away.

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